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Municipal Council


Beny Masella, Mayor

Portfolios: Intergovernmental Affairs, Communications


The citizens of Montreal West decided that they wanted me to continue the work started in my first mandate. They decided that wanted me to continue leading their Town. And they decided that dirty politics has NO PLACE in Montreal West. Thank you for stating those 3 points so clearly.


I have learned many things throughout this electoral campaign. The people I met and spoke with reinforced many things that are important to them: Our infrastructure work needs to continue and we have to be sure we follow the rules imposed upon us to decrease the chances of collusion within our Town. Second, 95% of our tax burden falls upon our residents; therefore if we can't easily cut taxes, we have to ensure our expenses are justified. And finally, we must ensure that our recreational infrastructure is also updated.


To the newly elected Council, I look forward to working with you as a team dedicated to the betterment of our Town.


Please contact me at if you have any questions.



Councillor Colleen Feeney

Portfolios: Finance, Administration, Urban Planning and Human Resources


As a resident of Montreal West since 1972, I am deeply committed to this special town. I have a strong belief in public service, and have been an active volunteer in many aspects of the town’s life. I recently retired from my job at Marianopolis College where I held the positions of Director of Finance, Director of Human Resources and Director of Special Projects. It is a privilege to serve on Council for a third term, and I will draw upon my knowledge and experience to work for the citizens of Montreal West. 

As Councillor for Finance, Administration, Human Resources and Urban Planning, I am committed to responsible fiscal management and to optimizing our tax dollars. I will actively promote the implementation of the strategies outlined in the Montreal West's 2018–2022 Strategic Financial Plan which will serve to ensure the sustainability of this small community.

As well as keeping residents’ financial concerns at heart, I also understand that so many of our residents  appreciate this town for its heritage and beautiful architecture, and I will strive to ensure that these elements remain strong. To this end, some projects I plan to further in the Urban Planning portfolio include the beautification of Westminster Avenue, and the clarification of the Town’s Urban Planning bylaws and requirements.  I welcome residents’ input, and encourage you to contact me at if wish to bring anything to my attention or if you have any questions or concerns relating to areas under my jurisdiction.


Councillor Dino Mazzone

Portfolios: Public Security and Special Projects Fundraising


I am truly humbled, honoured and privileged to have been elected to Montreal West Town Council. This is the third mandate I have received from this Town (I was elected in 2005, 2009 and 2017) and I commit, once again, to giving the full of my energies and enthusiasm to best serving your interests. At the heart of every decision I make, I will always place the Montreal West taxpayer first and foremost. I will work to protect your tax dollars and provide honest, transparent and critical oversight over how the Town uses its resources and prioritizes its objectives.


My wife Barbara Farina and I have lived in Montreal West since 2001. We are proud owners of a Payne-built home and have three amazing children who simply love growing up in Montreal West: Julian (age 16) and our twin boys James and David (age 11). I have been a business attorney since 1993 (having graduated with honours from McGill University’s Faculty of Law) and am currently a Partner with the downtown law firm of Mitchell Gattuso SENC. Since 1999, I have been a regular on-air contributor to CJAD 800 AM radio with respect to civic and legal matters. I also served as the first Canadian President of the US-based National Italian-American Bar Association.



I am Chair of the Town’s Traffic and Safety Committee and will actively pursue thoughtful solutions that make our Town the safest place to live on the Island (our excellent Public Security team is here to serve you). I will commit an important part of my mandate to addressing concerns regarding the Turcot project as well as identifying an appropriate response to the ongoing difficulties occasioned by the train-level crossing at Westminster Avenue.Please feel free to communicate with me regarding any issue or concern you may have. Your ideas and suggestions are always encouraged. You may reach me at—rest assured that I will contact you soon thereafter in writing or by phone.




Councillor Maria Torres

Portfolios: Public Works, Public Buildings


To all residents of Montreal West:


You have entrusted me to be one of the four councillors representing you on Town Council, and for that I am very grateful to all of you.

As councillor responsible for the Public Works portfolio I will strive to continue with the renewal and maintenance of the town’s infrastructure. Working together with the Public Works team, we will examine ways  to improve the delivery of services in a cost efficient manner.


The Public Works portfolio includes:

  • Maintenance of the Town’s physical plant including more than 20 km of roads, 40 km of sidewalks, the town’s sewer and aqueduct networks, lights, parks and green areas, in addition to horticultural work and maintenance of the town’s trees.
  • Snow clearance and removal.
  • A wide range of construction operations such as repairing and building sidewalks and roads, fixing water and sewer pipes, fixing catch basins, etc.
  • Waste management: regular garbage, green waste collection, recycling and hazardous domestic waste.
  • Maintenance of public buildings which includes the Town Hall, the Library, the block tower and the Public Works building.
  • PW also cooperates with other departments in the execution of different projects.


An essential part of my mandate is to be open to your suggestions and listen to the issues related to the physical plant of MoWest, with the intention to work towards resolving and improving the towns well being.


Should you have any issues regarding Public Works, I can be reached at


I look forward to working with you all over the next four years!


Maria Torres



Councillor Elizabeth Ulin

Portfolios: Recreation & Culture, Communications



It is a great honour to serve a fourth term as Councillor for Recreation and Culture. Montreal West is known for its community spirit; it’s why most of us chose to raise our families here. My priority in this portfolio will be to nurture that spirit: refurbishing parks and playgrounds, and expanding top-quality services for all ages.
I have also taken on the Communications portfolio in this mandate.


Here I will focus on improving how the Town reaches out to its citizens. With this in mind, we will be moving ahead with a website revamp, and providing more face to face opportunities for dialogue. There is also new media and technology to explore, which can enhance the ways we converse. I’m excited to open up new avenues of communication.

In my time on Council, I’ve been a strong advocate of sustainable initiatives including organic waste pickup, alternative energy use in Town facilities, and the acceleration of tree planting. Though I do not oversee the environment portfolio in this mandate, I will push for increased energy efficiency, the revitalization of our tree canopy and other environmental policies on Council. 

Once again, it is an honour to serve the citizens of Montreal West. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns relating to any area under my jurisdiction.



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