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Standing Committees 


Traffic and Safety Committee

The Town’s Traffic and Safety Committee, composed primarily of residents from the Town, meets to discuss issues relating to public safety (including, but not limited to, traffic concerns). Please note: any matters specific to traffic concerns (e.g. speed bumps, street signs, parking, directional change) must be submitted in writing to the attention of Lieutenant Demetrios Georgiou (Public Security) , at Town Hall. Lieutenant Georgiou will, thereafter, where necessary, submit his recommendations to the TSC and the TSC will submit its final recommendation (if any) to Town Council for decision. Any other public safety matters (e.g. theft, graffiti, CPR) should also be sent in writing to the attention of Lieutenant Georgiou. This process will allow us to thoughtfully consider all concerns raised or proposals submitted by residents.


The committee is chaired by Councillor Dino Mazzone. Current volunteer community members are:

• Lieutenant Demetrios Georgiou (Public Security)         • Ann McLaughlin
• Charles Dejean   • Simon Phillipson
• Joseph Lalla   • Ilan Rose




Environmental Action Committee

The Montreal West Environmental Action Committee is a standing advisory committee of Council. It is invested in making the town a more sustainable and environmentally friendly community. The committee was set up with the understanding that towns and citizens need to come together in order to work as responsible actors in lieu of the rapid decline of our global ecology. Through education, action, and policy change, it is committed to making Montreal West a greener neighbourhood. Some of the specific issues dealt with by the committee include: waste management, recycling, composting, pesticide use, energy conservation, and Meadowbrook preservation.





Planning Advisory Committee


The Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) is entrusted with the review of all building projects subject to the Town’s Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP); the projects concerned are, among others, those that aim to modify the exterior appearance of any building within the Town’s boundaries. The PAC formulates recommendations that are transferred to the Town Council for approval.


In addition, the PAC also reviews minor exemption requests and proposed amendments to the various urban planning by-laws. The Town Council may also, at its discretion, give other mandates to the Committee.


The PAC meets once a month.  Please note that there are no meetings in July. 


The committee is chaired by Colleen Feeney. Current members are:

• Michel Aubé         • Sabina Kuepper         • George Kfouri
• Marie Dugué   • Gem Silver   • Sybil McKenna


Substitues are:

• Colleen Feeney         • Jan Davis
• Shayan Shafei   • Pierre Brideau


2018 Planning Advisory Dates   

          PAC Scheduled Meetings          

Deadline for submission of       

completed applications

January 17 January 3
February 7 January 24
February 21 February 7
March 7 February 21
March 21 March 7
April 4 March 21
April 18 April 4
May 2 April 18
May 23 May 9
June 6 May 23
June 20  June 6
July 4 June 20
August 1 July 18
August 22 August 8
September 5 August 22
September 19  September 5
October 10 September 26
October 24  October 10
November 7  October 24
November 21 November 7
December 12  November 28


2017 Planning Advisory Dates   

          PAC Scheduled Meetings          

Deadline for submission of       

completed applications

January 25 11 January
February 8 January 25
February 22 February 8
March 8 February 22
March 22 March 8
April 5 March 22
April 19 April 5
May 10 April 19
May 24 May 10
June 7 May 24 
June 21 June 7
August 9 July 26
August 23 August 9
August 30 August 16
September 13 August 30
October 11 September 27
October 25 October 11
November 8 October 25
November 29 November 8
December 13 November 29





Pension Plan Committee

The Pension Plan Committee is responsible for the general administration of the Pension Plan for Montreal West employees and for ensuring that the provisions of the relevant laws and of the Pension Plan are applied. The committee is responsible for disseminating information regarding the terms and conditions of the plan, amendments and the annual statement plan to employees, members, spouses or beneficiaries as prescribed under the Supplemental Pension Plans Act.


Members of the Pension Plan Committee include:


  • The Director General (Committee Chairperson)
  • The Town Clerk
  • The Treasurer
  • Two Municipal Councillors
  • 1 Employer representative and independent member
  • 3 Employee representatives of active participants
  • 2 Employee representatives of non-active participants


The Committee holds at least two regular meetings per year and may have additional special meetings at its discretion. In addition, all active and inactive Plan members are invited by written notice to the Annual General Meeting.



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