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Recreation and Cultural Services

The Recreation and Cultural Services Department is responsible for many activities close to the hearts of Montreal West residents. Its dynamic team develops and operates new and diverse programs each season, offering a range of activities related to culture, sports and community which contribute directly to our quality of life and community spirit.


The Recreation and Cultural Services Department contributes to our sense of community by encouraging consultation and cooperation in respect of its projects and activities, with an eye to serving existing and anticipated needs. The team also works closely with Montreal West associations and organisations in developing and realising joint projects, as we understand that these partners are critical to the planning, maintenance and improvement our quality of life.


2017-2018 Recreation Brochure


Residents of reconstituted municipalities may obtain the Urban agglomeration Accès Montréal card at any point of service in Montréal.


New Community & Recreation Center Info Package

Download the information package: Click here


Councillor: Elizabeth Ulin
Director: Paula Cordeau
Recreation, Communication & Environment:    Chris Kearney
Culture, Seniors and Special Events: Marian Scully


John A. Simms Community Centre
8 Westminster South
Montreal West, QC
H4X 1Y5


Telephone: 514-484-6186
Fax: 514-485-8596
Hours:  Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.




Community Services Council (C.S.C.)

The Community Services Council is an incorporated body of citizens designed to assist the Councillor of Recreation and Cultural Services. The CSC advises, assists and makes recommendations to this Councillor on matters pertaining to cultural and recreational needs and activities in the Town. As a non-profit organization, the CSC searches out, applies for and appoints personnel to administer provincial and federal grants available to the community.


This group examines financial reports of cultural and recreational groups of the Town who receive funding to recommend their continued support. Their decision is passed on to the Town Council for consideration.



Members of the CSC must be residents of the Town and include :

the Mayor of the Town, who is an honorary member,

the Councillor of Recreation and Cultural Services,
the Director of Recreation and Cultural Services.



The voting members include :

an active representative of the senior community,

a designated representative of the Civic Recreation Association,
a designated representative of the Informer,
a designated representative of parents with young children,
a designated representative of the youth of the Town,
five persons appointed taking into consideration the three distinct sections of the Town.


Meetings are held twice a year or more frequently as required. The current chairperson is Karen Johnstone and she may be reached at 514-483-1152.



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