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Parks in Montreal West

North Section

Name: Sheraton Park 

Location: Sheraton Drive / Cote St-Luc Road

Area: 1715 sq. meters


Name: Toe Blake Park

Location: Sheraton Drive / Banstead Avenue

Area: 1919 sq. meters


Name: Rugby Park

Location: Rugby Place/ Radcliffe Avenue

Area: 3564 sq. meters


Name: R.D. Paul Park (presently closed)

Location: Garden Road/ Brock North

Area: 760 sq. meters

Centre Section

Name: Strathearn Park

Location: Parkside Ave/Strathearn N.

Area: 10,874 sq. meters


Name: Dave Reid Park

Location: Bedbrook Ave. at cul-de sac.

Area: 684 sq. meters


Name: Hodgson Field

Location: Bedbrook Avenue North of Nelson

Area: 11,880 sq. meters


Name: George Booth Park

Location: Bedbrook Avenue / Curzon Avenue

Area: 3552 sq. meters


Name: Roy Locke Park

Location: Sherbrooke Street / Ballantyne North

Area: 1134 sq. meters

South Section 

Name: Davies Park

Location: Westminster Avenue South / Ainslie Avenue

Area: 6244 sq. meters


Name: Memorial Park

Location: Westminster Avenue South / Ainslie Avenue

Area: 2701 sq. meters


Name: John A. Simms Park

Location: Westminster Avenue South / Avon Road

Area: 580sq. meters


Name: Kirkpatrick Park

Location: Easton Avenue at Cul-de-sac

Area: 682 sq. meters


Name: Ronald Park

Location: Ronald Drive, near Brock South.

Area: 910 sq. meters



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