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Organic Waste in Montreal West


Organic Waste Brochure

Bags for Sale at the Community Center

Video: How to make a kitchen bin liner with newspaper

Instructions on making a kitchen bin liner with newspaper


Pickups are every Tuesday the entire year.

What is Organic Waste

Organic waste is household food waste and garden waste (such as leaves, twigs, weeds, etc.). The Organic Waste collection will contribute to reducing the amount of residual waste going to landfills. It also allows us to recover a valuable resource and transform it into nutrient rich compost for gardens and landscaping.


Organic Waste includes:

Kitchen Waste

- fruits and vegatables            - milk products
- eggshells   - bread, pasta and cereal products
- fish and seafood   - nutshells
- meat and poultry (including bones)   - coffee and tea bags


Garden Waste

- garden and yard waste 
- weeds, twigs, leaves, thatch, mulch 
- twigs and small branches from shrubs or hedges (diameter less than 2 cm, length less than 1m)


Other Waste

- non-waxed paper plates - condiments
- paper towels - soiled newspapers
- tissues - animal food
- non-plasticized food packaging
(e.g. pizza boxes, flour bags)

What is NOT Organic Waste?

Organic waste does not include:

Kitchen Waste

- plastic bags (even if compostable)         - plasticized wrappings  
- dryer lint   - styrofoam
- waxed paper    


Green Waste

- big tree branches              - dead animals              - wood


Other Waste

- textiles              - hazadous household waste
- ceramic   - soiled pet litter
- recyclable materials   - diapers and sanitary products


How to Prepare your Brown Bin

  1. Line your small kitchen bin with newspaper or a paper bag, and fill it with food waste and other organic materials.
  2. Wrap the newspaper into a secure bundle or close the paper bag tightly.
  3. Line the large brown bin with a large paper bag and transfer the secured bundle from the small kitchen bin to the large brown bin.
  4. Close the large brown bin tightly.


Note: the use of newspapers or paper bags in the bins is not mandatory, but it is strongly recommended for sanitary reasons. All food waste, wrapped or not, must be deposited in the wheeled brown bin for the collection.

Surplus Green Waste

For your surplus green waste (leaves, grass clippings, etc.) put them in a paper bag, cardboard box or empty garbage can beside your wheeled brown bin on pickup day.

Organic Waste Bags - No Plastic Bags Please!

Under no circumstances will plastic bags (including biodegradable, compostable or those made of cornstarch) be accepted in the organic waste pick-up. The  accepted food waste bags are made from all-natural materials and are designed to decompose completely into the soil. They contain no plastic and are available in small size for kitchen use and large size for lining the wheeled bin. You can purchase bags locally in grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, big box outlets and for a limited time at the John A Simms Community Centre.



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