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Reaction of the Town of Montreal West to the Montreal Agglomeration budget

January 12th, 2018


The Town of Montreal West adopted its 2018 budget at a public council meeting on December 18, 2017, taking into account statements made by the Mayor of Montreal regarding the expected increase in Agglomeration expenditures which all Island municipalities contribute to.In its 2018 budget, the Town of Montreal West honored its commitment to tax payers, respecting its 2018-2022 Strategic Financial Plan, by limiting the tax bill for the average home to 0.99%, which is below the CPI.

However, on January 10th, the city of Montreal presented its 2018 budget  breaking with its earlier statements. This resulted in a significant increase in the contribution the demerged municipalities now have to pay to the Agglomeration. In the case of Montreal West, it is a drastic increase of 9% rather than the expected 2.1%.

It is important to clarify that an increase of 9% to the Town’s Agglomeration contribution does not mean a 9% increase in one overall tax bill. However this increase is still unacceptably steep. Therefore, to offset this unexpected and untenable increase, the Town will redouble its efforts to limit the impact on citizens.
Council is examining all possible options to ensure that this increase will not be borne exclusively by its tax payers. A revision of the budget is in process and will be adopted at the January 29th public meeting.

The Mayor of Montreal believes that these significant increases were justified, in part, because of the deficit in maintenance of the water infrastructure. However Montreal West believes the abruptness and magnitude of the increases are entirely unacceptable. Council is doing everything it can to pressure the City of Montreal to review and revise its Agglomeration budget.More information will follow in the coming days.



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