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Finance and Taxes

2018-2022 Strategic Plan

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Property Tax

The Town of Montreal West taxes citizens for local services provided by the Town and regional services provided by the Agglomeration Council and la communauté métropolitaine de Montréal. The local services include Town Council and Administration, Public Works, Water and Sewer expenses, Recreation and Culture, Public Security, and Capital Projects. Residents’ tax assessments are based on the valuation of their property and are determined by multiplying this valuation by a mill rate, i.e. the rate determined by Council for each $100 valuation.


The MW tax bill is sent out in January and is due mid-February. It may be paid in two instalments, mid-February and mid-May.


If paying by cheques in instalments, we encourage you to include both cheques. Interest charges on late payments are charged at 12% per year, calculated daily from the date on which such instalment becomes due. A fee of $25 is charged on NSF cheques.




Water Tax

Montreal West also issues bills for water tax, based on usage. Residents are sent forms to be completed and returned to the Town Hall, indicating the reading from their water meter. In the absence of the forms, bills are based on estimated usage and a $50 fee is charged to the citizen.


Water tax bills are mailed out in October and generally due in November.


For information regarding your Montreal West tax bills, please contact the Administration at the Town Hall at 514 485-8941.




Duties on Transfer (Welcome Tax)

The Duties on Transfer or "Welcome Tax" is an amount assessed to the new owner on the purchase of property. It is based on the higher of either the sale price or the valuation roll.


The calculation of this tax as follows:


  • .5% on values less than $50,000
  • 1.0% on values from $50,000 to $250,000
  • 1.5 % on values greater than $250,000




Property taxes, water taxes and Duties on Transfer are payable

-        By mail, attach the payment stub to your cheques

-        In cash, by cheque or debit card at the Montreal West Town Hall.  

-        Via the online bill pay services of the following financial institutions:

RBC Royal Bank of Canada

BMO Bank of Montreal

National Bank of Canada

Scotia Bank


Laurentienne Bank

TD Bank

When paying online, please enter the 18 digit account number beginning with "9", without hyphens.  Please be sure to select "Ville de Montréal-Ouest" or "Town of Montreal West" from the list of suppliers. 


Please note that credit card payments are not accepted.




Taxes from Other Sources

School Taxes:

The Montreal Island Council issues bills for school tax in the month of June, based on property valuation, with a rate set by the Montreal Island Council. Bills are sent out in June and are payable on July 31. Details of payment are available on the bills or at The school taxes are not sent by the Town.






Financial Reports





Mayor's Reports on the Financial Situation of Montreal West






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