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2018-2022 Strategic Plan

September 22nd, 2017


2018-2022 Strategic Plan


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On behalf of Montreal West Town Council and Administration, we are pleased to present our Strategic Financial Plan for 2018–2022. 


The Town had its rebirth after demerger in 2006. Over the past decade, it has changed immensely and is facing many challenges and opportunities that did not exist before the forced mergers in 2002. The purpose of the Strategic Financial Plan is to provide a set of guiding principles as Montreal West enters its second post-demerger decade. In the upcoming years, the Town must continue to rebuild its infrastructure and meet residents’ needs for high quality services and recreational facilities while adeptly managing the substantial costs involved in their provision. 


Accordingly, this Strategic Financial Plan contains six key objectives related to tax rate, tax base, infrastructure, debt, local and regional services, accompanied by actions and approaches to help achieve each of them. It is important to view this as a living document. It is intended to be revisited, refined and validated by future Town Councils to ensure the objectives remain relevant. New objectives may be added as new challenges arise. 


This document is a result of the combined efforts of Town Council and Town Administration, with input from residents and staff. The result of this collaboration is a broad-based document that strives to protect, promote and enhance the financial position of Montreal West, with the overall goal of ensuring our little Town remains a vibrant and successful community. 


We are particularly proud that Montreal West is one of the very few municipalities in the province to have undertaken the project of outlining a Strategic Financial Plan. While some other jurisdictions in Canada require long-term planning documents, this is not the case in Quebec, and we are pleased to be a forerunner in this venture.   

We welcome your suggestions to make this a better document. We all share the goal of ensuring Montreal West remains a very special and flourishing town. 



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