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Safety Tips: Town Break-ins

June 12th, 2017


This past week, two break-ins have been reported in the Town.
In these cases, the thieves went door to door looking for homes with no response (as supported by security camera footage). When finding one, they entered the back yard of the unoccupied homes and broke windows to gain access to the homes. The Town would like to urge all residents to read the following tips (provided by the SPVM) to help ensure the safety of your homes and belongings


Safety Tips 
Here are a few safety tips to help protect your homes from break-ins:
· Keep all objects that could assist access to the second floor of your home(ladders, BBQ, recycling bins, picnic or patio tables, etc.), locked and put away (if possible) in a shed or a garage.
· Always lock your doors and windows. Even if you are leaving for just a few minutes.
· Keep expensive valuables locked in a safety deposit box or safe.
· Avoid keeping large sums of cash in your home.
· Equip your home with an alarm system that has a motion detection and glass breaking detection on all levels of the home.
· During extended periods of absence, entrust a reliable neighbour to tend to your home, by turning lights on and off, collect your mail, shovel your driveway and path or cut your grass.
· A good lock is only as effective as the door frame. Ensure that the frame is solid. Strengthen it with a metal plate if it is weak.
· Etch your valuables with your drivers permit number. Etchers are available, free of charge at your local police station.
· Install a peephole on your front door, so you can see who is there.


Station 9 & Public Security are aware of the situation and will continue to keep an eye out for suspicious activities, but i f you see anything suspicious, do not hesitate to call 9-1-1 and/or Public Security at (514) 630-1234.



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